A moment by water

Written back in September 2020 during a solo trip to Tobermory

I’ve become the person who stands by Lake Huron in mountain pose, facing the rising sun, as the wind and waves crash against the shore.

The person who takes their hiking shoes and socks off and sits crosslegged with a straight back on the rocks, facing Georgian Bay. Feeling the warmth of the sun on my body, the wind brushing my hair against my face. Water crashing against the rocks. Breathing.

I remember a period of time when I couldn’t cross my legs or go down stairs properly. And now I sit here, legs crossed, back straight. I think of the strength I felt in my legs as I hiked, pushing myself up and further.

Meditating while staring over the water and letting my mind go blank or wander.

The crashing waves take me back to Lake Tekapo and what that moment was – a symbol of my courage and strength. They take me back to Croatia – feeling fully open and letting all the joy in. And to Vietnam, the calm before the storm.

Now I will remember this moment, a getaway for a moment to feel almost like normal but not really.

A moment by water