Starting with the journey

I’ve been thinking about starting this blog for a while now. I start drafts and create plans but then hesitate for too long as I let myself get consumed by self doubt about being vulnerable and about not being good enough. Suddenly, years have passed and I still haven’t started it.

Today, I remembered that the journey is more important and interesting than the destination. And that’s a sentiment that applies to learning and growth as well.

I am a woman of colour in my mid-thirties based in Toronto, Canada. I love travel and outdoor activities and, more often than not, I do both solo. I did not grow up doing outdoor activities (camping, hiking, kayaking, etc) and so there is a lot that I want and need to learn. I want to share those experiences of growth here.

I also really believe in the benefits of nature. Not only is it beautiful and marvellous, I find that it plays an important part in keeping me healthy (both physically and mentally). I want to share my experiences to inspire more individuals to try it and to access these benefits – especially other BIPoC and/or solo individuals who may not see this as an option or know where to start.

I’m determined not to let anything stop me from experiencing life to the fullest – whether that’s having to travel on my own, overcoming injuries, or figuring out what and how to learn about adventuring outdoors. I think I have to take that same determination and apply that to this space here, starting today.

I also acknowledge the privileges I have that allow me to take these adventures and to have the opportunity to share what I learn.

So, here we go. These are my notes and reflections on adventures and the outdoors and, from time to time, their intersection with mental health. Welcome.

Starting with the journey